This documentation aims to streamline implementation, integration, and use of digital assets on Tezos.

The FA 1.2 standard for digital assets on Tezos

We provide a quick start guide for use of FA 1.2, an asset contract implementing interfaces based on the popular ERC-20 asset standard from Ethereum that's compatible with the current Tezos Mainnet protocol version, Babylon.

We provide a quick start guide for use of a multi-signature contract wrapper, i.e. a method of turning a contract into one that requires a quorum of signers to interact with it, based on Arthur Breitman's Generic Multisig Contract.

Upcoming additions

  • Details on how to integrate FA 1.2 into user wallets and custody
  • Asset contract implementations inspired by Ethereum's emerging ERC-1155 multi-asset contract standard, which extends functionality via whitelisting and makes lifecycle management (e.g. cash flows or dividend payments) more cost effective